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Flushing out Facebook

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A really thought provoking post that struck a chord with me. These days I mostly use Facebook to keep up with news and articles from mental health charities and organisations, and to keep up with some mental health communities and bloggers, for example, Make BPD Stigma Free at and Lonely Lotus at . As a source of information and community/support of that kind, it can be an excellent forum.
However, I do think that the purely ‘social’ face of social media can be very difficult for many people, and particularly so for those with mental health difficulties. There is an increasing body of research and literature in this area, highlighting both the positive and negative effect of social media on mental health. Personally, I can attest to the fact that in the past, Facebook has been both massively triggering and addictive for me, and over the last few months I have increasingly come across numerous mental health bloggers who have said exactly the same thing. This post provides a forthright and amusing look at the potential traps and trigger points of Facebook – do head over and have a look!

Panic attacks man

When I think about it, there was only so much I could take.  There were only so many times I could ‘like’ photographs of someone else’s child, or agree with aspirational memes that hide a subtext of unhappiness, or comment about the amateur cooking capabilities of people I haven’t known since I was child.

Yep, Facebook and me are finally done.

I’ve been thinking about it for some time and really hadn’t posted anything of any worth  (if there is such a thing on Facebook) for almost a year, but I couldn’t muster up the desire to actually do it. I mean, what would people think if I disappeared from virtual view? Would they call a search party? Would they think I hated them? Would they think I was DEAD?

More to the point, how would I keep in touch with my 200+ friends, many of whom I’ve either had brief…

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