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Five Things You Always Want to Ask Your Therapist but are Afraid To Ask


I can really relate to this post, and I have so many of my own questions that I could add to the list – I think many of us in therapy probably have our own ‘top 5’ (or ‘top 20’!) questions. And the amazing thing about therapy is that through the process, and through the therapeutic relationship, I am very gradually gaining the confidence and finding the trust to ask my therapist some of those questions, without as much fear of rejection. The responses may not always be what I would most like to hear, or my question may be answered with another question – but doing the asking, continues to build trust and relationship, and that’s the most important thing….


7 thoughts on “Five Things You Always Want to Ask Your Therapist but are Afraid To Ask

  1. Hmmm, I actually am going to ask my therapist at least half these questions. I’d like to see where it takes our relationship.


    • That’s fantastic 🙂 Even if it’s uncomfortable, I really hope you find it a positive experience! How long have you been in therapy? If you write about it, I’d be very interested in hearing how it went 🙂 Thank you for reading, and take care!


  2. Thanks so much for the reblog! Glad the post resonated with you. 🙂


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