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Reblog – ish: BPD symptoms


I have been wanting to reblog this post, entitled ‘BPD symptoms’ for some time, but in the absence of a ‘Reblog’ button (sorely missed on many WordPress pages, as well as in non-Wordpress blogs!) I am including a link instead:

BPD Symptoms by That Borderline Life

What makes this page special, for me, is that it is probably the simplest, most succinct summary in ‘lay person terms’ of the DSM IV criteria for BPD, that I have come across. It’s quick and easy to read, but at the same time is insightful and comprehensive. I hope you find it helpful, particularly as an overview for non-BPD friends or relatives who want to know more!


[Unlike a number of BPD blogs, I don’t (yet) have an ‘About BPD’ page, but when I do, its main content will be a link to this excellent post by That Borderline Life. I think it’s incredibly helpful when bloggers contain some information about BPD on their sites. I’m conscious of the fact that I would like to be able to reach out to those who support individuals with BPD, as well as to those with BPD themselves, but I currently have very little ‘purely factual’ (for want of a better word) information about BPD on my blog. In some ways, this is because there are so many out there who have done a much better job than I could do, of pulling all the relevant information together, and I would rather point people to their sites (whether national charities or individuals) than re-invent the wheel. But until I manage to do that by way of my own ‘About BPD’ page, I wanted to share the link to this excellent post.]

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