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What do people think about therapists?

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This post really made me giggle, and I’m reblogging it in the hope that it might do the same for others too! I love writing and reading about therapy and therapists, but so much of it is of a more ‘serious’ or ‘thoughtful’ nature, and it is great to read a light-hearted and amusing post about people’s reactions to therapists, from someone who knows one rather well. I particularly like the idea of being ‘therapised’ – if only it were that simple! Enjoy…..!

David M. Beecroft

What do people think about therapists? I am not one. A therapist that is. I am most certainly a people. I ask the question because I am curious for several reasons. One reason is that I am engaged to a therapist. The aforementioned therapist mentioned to me the other day that when people ask her what it is that she does for a living and she replies that she is a therapist, they take a step back. I mean a literal and physical step back. No metaphors here.

As soon as she told me this, I wanted to see it in action. Luckily I had the chance the following evening. As we were sat having cocktails (I know! How swanky are we?) the bartender asked us what we did for a living. Now, this question kinda sucks for me. I have to explain that I am trying to make a…

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One thought on “What do people think about therapists?

  1. Thank you for the reblog. Glad it made you giggle 🙂

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