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Piano-playing selfie – this one works!


Many thanks and also apologies to those who clicked on the link in my previous ‘Piano-playing selfie‘ post and couldn’t get the video to work. Having struggled to get the hang of uploading into Youtube, I think I’ve cracked it and hopefully this should now work for everyone!

The previous link was to an upload of the video into a Facebook page – that was a last-ditch attempt to get something to work, having utterly failed to upload video into WordPress. The clue should have been in the phrase ‘You can upload videos and embed them directly on your blog with the premium plan‘ – which I don’t have. Common sense and observational skills were never my strong point.





8 thoughts on “Piano-playing selfie – this one works!

  1. Yes– this one works! 🙂 Thanks for re-uploading it! I LOVE this piece! (Its one of the very few pieces I think I still remember how to play on piano, haha~~) Excellent job!! Encore, encore!!


  2. Did I tell you how wonderful this is. I just listened again twice while reading your latest post. That would be a nice feature. I love listening to piano while I am reading!!!


    • Thank you SO much, I am really really glad you like it. And to listen to it twice, you must like it quite a lot, which means a lot 🙂 And I like the idea of you listening while reading my post. It would be a nice feature, and I can see myself getting really caught up in it and trying to match music to writing….! Luckily, I am so out of practice it would take a great deal of practice to get many more pieces into a state I’d be happy to post, and things are too hectic to have the time! But I will try and post a couple more musical entries at some point, if I can…..

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  3. It’s working great now! Thanks for re-uploading it. This is simply a wonderful and creative idea. Whenever i play piano my adorable kids just sit near me and keep on enjoying the harmonies, and my elder daughter is also learning from me.

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    • Ah, your kids sound better behaved (or more appreciative of good playing!) than mine 😉 Whenever I play they listen for about 2 seconds and then start joining is as well until I can’t hear myself play any more, and give up! 🙂 What sort of music do you enjoy playing? Thank you, by the way, for listening and commenting – it’s good to hear from you!


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