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The stranger who has loved you


I feel like such a long, long way from this. But my therapist is helping me to take down the letters from the bookshelf. She has my heart – until I can give it back to the stranger who has loved me.

Loving yourself


9 thoughts on “The stranger who has loved you

  1. LiaB,
    How very beautiful. I found this especially fitting as at my session today, BN and I talked about how far I have come and I realized that I have done the very thing I always dreaded, and allowed someone to see all of me. And instead of what I expected, which was to be abandoned, I found complete security and a home where I could find myself. So the line about smiling in the mirror really struck me. We also talked about shame and how I was so engulfed in it, that I didn’t even realize it. But now I am able to “see” the feeling when it comes up and move through it. All things I have learned from BN, but one more realization today was that I now carry them within me. I used to know it was going to be OK because BN was there, now I just know I’ll be ok. He believed in me long enough for me to learn to believe in myself. I’m saying all this to tell you that I too once believed it would be impossible to get here. But it will happen, you will heal. I am glad that you have someone to carry your heart, until you are strong enough to carry it yourself. Thank you for this, it is a grace note for my day. ~ AG

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    • Thank you so much AG, for your lovely comment, and I’m so glad you liked this and that it was helpful for you. Your words give me hope – because I’m definitely still at the stage where I fear for whether I’m going to be okay without her, and I don’t see how I can be. But’s it’s very encouraging to have your words, and your reassurance that I will get there. At the same time, of course, the thought is devastating – that one day I won’t need her in the way that I do now….thank you for reading and commenting…..

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  2. That brought up an emotion I didn’t know I had for myself. I can’t explain it very well but it almost felt like pity but at the same time hope that one day that stranger won’t be a stranger to me anymore. Thank you.

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    Someday, I hope that the stranger in me will become my friend.

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  4. Oh wow, I love this! Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.


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    A wonderful poem by Nobel Laureate, poet and playwright Derek Walcott, who died today. Many, when despairing, have found this helpful. It is the opposite of where I’m at today, but I have to believe that I’ll feel like this one day….


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