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Christmas wishes


This is an incredibly challenging time of year for so many – with or without mental health difficulties. I don’t want the words ‘Merry Christmas’ to sound hollow or to cause pain; but at the same time I want to wish you as much inner peace, contentment, and moments of hope and joy, as you are able to find tomorrow, on 25 December 2015.

I listened to a Christmas Carol service on the radio this afternoon and it ended with a blessing and a prayer that we may be filled with ‘peace and goodwill’. Not for the first time recently, I thought about how our ability to give to others – to love, to forgive, to be generous and kind – is much greater when we have a measure of inner peace and strength and feel ourselves in receipt of those same things, that gives us an anchor and a base from which to pour ourselves out without feeling as though we might run dry and cease to exist. Ultimately, we will find this within ourselves, even if we spend a lifetime trying. If, for now, someone else is showing you the way, I hope their steadfast belief in you, whether they are with you right now or not, will help you to get through this holiday period with as much peace, goodwill to others, and also crucially to yourself, as circumstances will allow.

To end on a mundane note – and with an apology. I am conscious that I have a long backlog of blog comments to reply to, as well as a number of lovely and personal emails sent through my ‘Contact me’ page. I can only sincerely apologise and say what is true – though not an excuse – that I had a very bad two weeks at the end of November with depression and difficult times in therapy, and this combined with a very stressful period at work. I kept posting – but the cracks were showing in a variety of ways. I intend to reply to everyone by the end of the first week in January, and am grateful for your patience and continued support – and comments!

With love and best wishes for tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Christmas wishes

  1. Merry Christmas to you too – wishing you strength and peace at this difficult time of the year xxxxx

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