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Magical thinking


My ex-therapist Jane, used to use the phrase ‘magical thinking’ to describe my tendency to assume that others know, or should be expected to know, what I am thinking. I couldn’t help but post this comment by my youngest child that immediately brought Jane’s words to mind – and of course, as this little one’s parent, I am extremely biased and can’t help thinking it must be one of the cutest illustrations of magical thinking around 🙂

talking in my brain


6 thoughts on “Magical thinking

  1. this is adorable 🙂 I love “magic thinking” being a name for expecting people to know what your thinking, I always do this and I always struggled to explain!


  2. This is so sweet! I haven’t come across the idea of ‘magical thinking’ but it sounds like something I do, I would be a lot easier if people could ‘listen’ to our thoughts 🙂


  3. This is adorable! Thanks for sharing it. 🙂


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