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Tweeting my way through the Christmas therapy break


As I did over the summer therapy break, I have been tweeting my way through this #therapybreak as well! Last time I found it helpful for a number of reasons – as a way of sharing how I was feeling, reaching out for support, recording how the break was going (so that I could look back on it, if I wanted to), taking in the positive moments, giving voice to the horrible moments, counting down, surviving…..Most of all I think it was a method of self-care and trying to create something memorable, beautiful, and ‘out of the box’-y, out of the break. Personally, I have never really liked the idea of a ‘gratitude jar/journal’, or the ‘100 Happy Days’ concept, but only because the ‘enforced’ nature of it – having to find something positive or something to be grateful for each day – doesn’t really work for me. And yet there were many moments of gratitude, I think, in those tweets, but they were there amongst the moments of pain and depression, too. All recorded, a true picture of a break. As this is, I hope, too – I have put together the tweets so far for this Christmas break into a Twitter ‘story’, which you can find here:

The ‘story’ also introduces you to one of my more recent ways of staying in touch with the ‘child part’ of meΒ  – the acquisition of a number of ‘Lottie’ dolls, which in a way represent different parts of me, or remind me of different aspects of myself, or of my therapy.

I hope you enjoy the story, and I will see you in 2017……


4 thoughts on “Tweeting my way through the Christmas therapy break

  1. “Day 16: here’s to more therapy moments, self-care, compassion, relationship and memories to make, in 2017 #therapybreak” I’ll drink to that and to your quiet courage.

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  2. Some of these are brilliantly entertaining, and the After-Eight-salvaging mission is definitely my favourite! On a serious note, thank you for being so open in this. There is a wealth of insight and moments of feeling moved by your very positive display of vulnerability and the sense of connecting with you and shared feelings that it gives. I, too, admire your courage very much, as well as the plethora of other gifts you offer. I hope 2017 is a very good year for you, and wish you a very bright future. xxx

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  3. You’re doing great. πŸ™‚ This is a very good idea… I wish I had done it. Next time, definitely. I hope you’re well. ❀

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