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Starting Therapy – the Twitter chat

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Earlier this evening, psychotherapist Alison Crosthwait (from The Good Therapists) and I, had an interesting Twitter chat on the subject of ‘Starting Therapy’, and the story of that chat can be found here:

Inspiration for our chat came from Alison’s new book, of the same name, which can be found here:

I can thoroughly recommend it, and not just for those starting therapy, though it’s an ideal introduction in those circumstances. It is also thought-provoking and a valuable reminder of some key concepts, for any client at any stage of therapy. I had to chuckle when I read the section where Alison describes how significant statements or connections by the client can often be accompanied by words along the lines of ‘I’m rambling…..’. That same morning, towards the end of a very productive week’s work in therapy, I found myself repeatedly saying that I didn’t think I was making much sense….!

One of the most important things about the book, in my view, is its emphasis on the uniqueness of every therapeutic journey, and the fact that it is a journey created and experienced by two people in relationship. As such, the book very explicitly is not a guide on ‘how to do therapy’, but a dip into a number of concepts and ideas that it is helpful to be equipped with, in that individual journey. I have read fewer and fewer therapy books the longer I have been in therapy, precisely because I was finding it too easy to be diverted by others’ stories, and to make comparisons with my own therapy, rather than focusing in on my own story. However, there is no such risk with Alison’s book – she encourages you to put your focus firmly and squarely on your own life and your own therapeutic experience, and the subjects she writes about are eloquent and insightful prompts to do just that!

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  1. Thank you for this review. I just discovered Alison’s website and newsletter and have found it helpful and insightful.

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