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Connecting in therapy – here is the Twitter chat!

Earlier this evening, psychotherapist Alison Crosthwait (from The Good Therapists) and I, had an interesting Twitter chat on the subject of ‘Connecting in therapy – do touch and love have a place?’. The ‘story’ of our chat can be found here:

I’m grateful to Alison, as ever, for her open and honest views and the way in which she shares them. These are tricky subjects which can arouse strong feelings among both therapists and clients, and even within our small discussion and those who joined it, there was a divergence in theory and practice. However, ultimately, as Alison very helpfully commented, “It is crucial to remember that therapy is two human beings. Theory is only concepts”. Even where therapist and client differ on these subjects, the quality of the relationship can outweigh those tensions, and the therapy can still be successful.

We ended the chat with numerous ideas for the next occasion, which we plan will be on a Monday in July. Further news on that in due course, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy our chat!