Life in a Bind – BPD and me

My therapy journey, recovering from Borderline Personality Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I write for , for Planet Mindful magazine, and for Muse Magazine Australia, under the name Clara Bridges. Listed in Top Ten Resources for BPD in 2016 by


What lies beneath

We hope for healing – but at the same time we are afraid when we realise it might actually be happening. We’re used to being wounded – what will it feel like to be whole?

grey's healing wound



Blog anniversary – a new way of seeing

On this, the second anniversary of starting my blog, I wanted to share with you a photo with a quote that encapsulates this painful, terrifying, wonderful process of recovery and therapy, which I have been writing about for the last two years. It shows why the way we navigate through this process is not by means of a route indicated on a map; but by means of a relationship, built together with another person. A very special sort of person called a therapist. This blog and this writing is dedicated to my own special person, my therapist who I love dearly. Everything I have written over the last two years is in one way or another a product of our relationship – it is a record of our work, as it manifests in my thoughts, feelings, words and actions. I am very thankful for the work already done, for the work still to do, and for her  unwavering commitment to me throughout, even when I doubted it most. She may be my ‘safe place’ but we both know that therapy is not the ultimate destination  – yet to know her even for a few years is a privilege and something I would not have wanted to miss out on. She helps me to grasp new ways of seeing things all the time, not least about love – its presence, and its presence in absence. I am so grateful for her; and I am looking forward to sharing with you whatever the next two years and new ways of seeing things, may bring.

new way of seeing things