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The clothes you wear to therapy

I enjoyed revisiting this subject for my latest article for the therapy website , which can be found here!

I have continued to pay attention (both prospectively and retrospectively) to what I wear in therapy, and I still firmly believe in the revealing nature (excuse the pun!) of ‘ordinary’ details such as this, and the therapeutic benefit of discussing them. These days what I wear tends to be more consciously focused on communicating closeness (through choice of colours I associate with therapy, for example), or on self comforting (for example, by wearing an item of clothing that also acts as a transition object or a ‘stand in’ for therapy and my therapist). It is therefore much more about working with and for my therapy, than a defence against the process; and that is a reflection of where I am in my therapeutic journey, and how my relationship with my therapist has evolved over time. But it wasn’t always this way, as I’ve described in the article, and the way things have changed for me and the clothes I wear to therapy, tells a story in itself…..I hope you enjoy reading!