Life in a Bind – BPD and me

My therapy journey, recovering from Borderline Personality Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I write for , for Planet Mindful magazine, and for Muse Magazine Australia, under the name Clara Bridges. Listed in Top Ten Resources for BPD in 2016 by

A lesson in love


This weekend, my therapist is at the same conference, at the same place, as she was when I wrote this post. So much has changed in the last couple of years – for one thing, email correspondence is no longer a part of our therapy – but she hasn’t changed. Her love, and her giving, haven’t changed. My appreciation and gratitude for that love and that giving, grow every day. It’s a privilege to know her and to do this work together….
And since I wrote this post, her love of gardens and gardening has led me into this area for myself – a gift of herself and her influence that will last a lifetime, and makes life more beautiful, for all the hours that that life affords.

Life in a Bind - BPD and me

This weekend my therapist is at a residential conference – strangely enough at a conference centre I have stayed in myself. I have been dreading this weekend for months, remembering how I felt last time she went to a similar event. I have been dreading the feelings of exclusion, of jealousy, of knowing that she will be interacting with strangers who for these three days will have a greater insight into the minutiae of her life – what does she have for breakfast? – than I will ever have. They will be in company without the company of the clock; they will talk and laugh uninterruptedly; they will take a walk and talk – or not. They will capture the moment, in a picture. Oh to be a fly on the wall and to be able to observe her interacting in a carefree way with those around her. And yet…

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4 thoughts on “A lesson in love

  1. I’m so glad you get to see the change
    Love light and glitter

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  2. I would have wanted those things with my old therapist. The “new” one I’ve known for 4 years and been seeing individually for almost 1 year. She’s a way better therapist, and I don’t have that gnawing desire to know more about her. Then again, old therapist told me maybe two or three personal things in 4 years, none of which were particularly personal. New therapist is much more open. I get to see that she’s human and imperfect like me.

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  3. A belated happy new year! I hoodie this year and decade brings awesomeness and serenity…
    Love, light and glitter


  4. I’m eighteen and have been experiencing this for years now. For the first time in my entire life I see that others feel like me. Thank you.


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